Some Thoughts on (Literal) Darkness

In Genesis, God created the heavens and the earth. Before that, there was nothing.

It’s hard to imagine nothing. Typically, we equate “nothing” with darkness, even though that is technically something (because we can see it). In this regard, “nothing” could also equate to a blinding whiteness, but since God said, “Let there be light,” we are confronted with the idea that “nothing” is the same as darkness. “Let there be light” the Lord spoke, and then the science happened. From the Big Bang, suns and stars emerged into the blackness.

Since darkness existed first, does that make it the natural state of things? Does the light trespass upon it, or is darkness rather defined by the absence of the natural state of light? Only by light are we able to see anything. The physical reality is there, but we cannot perceive it without some degree of light.

Likening senses, is light more comparable to silence, or to sound? I compare light with sound, because sound travels in waves through silence just as light waves travel through the darkness.

Therefore, silence is the natural, intrinsic state, as is darkness.

Why then is darkness so frightening? It should be a comfort, a relief – a rest for our senses that are so often overwhelmed. But lacking our sense of sight in the darkness makes us vulnerable to those things that might harm us.

In other words, “nothing” does not interact with our senses. “Nothing” as the intrinsic state means I cannot see, touch, hear, taste, or smell. This is why we have bodies; this is why God created the universe as His body. Knowledge (omniscience) is useless without interaction. Having the knowledge of what blue looks like is very different from actually seeing blue.

Darkness and silence are intrinsic because they are beginnings. All creative pursuits are patterns and manipulations intruding on the void. Must it be considered an intrusion? Perhaps the void is meant to be molded into something.

Nothing is nothing: it cannot be experienced.

Existence requires light, sound, touch, flavor, scent. Nonbeing is an empty canvas; life is the portrait that requires a paintbrush in order to be.

God bless with mother earth’s bliss.

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